The 2021 Lipidomics workshop: techniques, applications and outcomes

In early February, the African Centre for Gene Technologies (ACGT) and INSERM Toulouse (France) organized a virtual Lipidomics workshop. Lipidomics is a newly emerged discipline that studies cellular lipids on a large scale based on analytical chemistry principles and technological tools, particularly mass spectrometry.

The workshop consisted of online lectures, a seminar and interactive discussions. This workshop was intended to ignite an interest in Lipidomics and/or add more interesting topics to those who are already interested or working on Lipidomics and related disciplines. The workshop covered topics that included introduction to Lipidomics, how Lipidomics fits with the other “omics”, analytical flow in global & targeted quantitative Lipidomics as well as applications of Lipidomics with specific focus on inflammation.

The seminar highlighted that lipids play many essential roles in cellular functions, including cellular barriers, membrane matrices, signalling, and energy depots. As a result,  the ACGT is reassured that Lipidomics is not only a growing field not only in world but also in South Africa. The participants of the workshop were from all part of South Africa and a few from the other parts of Africa as well. There are plans to have similar workshops in the future and other Lipidomics related capacity building efforts.

The ACGT would like to thank the INSERM Toulouse team of Dr Justine Bertrand-Michel, Dr Pauline Le Faouder and Dr Cénac Nicolas for facilitating this event. The ACGT and the 35 participants of the workshop thank you for generously  donating your time in preparing and in giving the talks.