National Agricultural Proteomics Research & Services Unit (NAPRSU)


Our unit (jointly owned by UWC and ARC), provides State of the Art Proteomics research and services, mostly to Agricultural and Biotechnology researchers and private companies in South Africa. This work is mostly funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) through the National Equipment Programme (NEP) of the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Proteomics is a collection of relatively new tools and expertise for Biologists and (Bio) chemists and its practical applications are growing fast (see below). Proteomics is the term that describes a multitude of tools and expertise used primarily to profile and identify proteins of interest in any organism at a large scale. Proteins are the functional/operational units in cells, and proteins of interests’ often include biomarkers for certain diseases or physiological/developmental status. We have post graduate students ranging from BSc interns, Honours, Masters, PhD and Postdocs applying proteomics in their own various biological experiments.

For example, one could use proteomics to investigate effects of pathogens on cells/tissues/organs/organism protein expression levels and patterns. This information could be used to identify targets/strategies for the improvement of pathogen resistance by both plants and animals.

Services & Equipment


– Experimental Design
– 1D & 2D SDS PAGE
– Staining & Imaging
– Spot picking & Identification
– Data Analysis


Our MALDI Biotyper enables molecular identification, and classification of microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This application is achieved reliably and quickly using peptide mass finger-printing by high-throughput MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

Other services include:

    •  Polymer Analysis
    • nanoHPLC
    • MALDI Imaging
    • Protein Extraction
    • Robotic Spot Picking
    • Metabolite Analysis
    • Protein Separation


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Pricing information:

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Contact information:

Name of contact person:  Prof. Bongani Ndimba

Email address:  /

Tele:  021 – 959 2215/2648

Location: Proteomics Research & Services Unit, Department of Biotechnology, University of the Western Cape, Robert Sobukwe Road, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa