The ACGT database is a compilation of biosciences research skills, techniques and specialised equipment of scientists at the University of Witwatersrand, University of Pretoria, CSIR, University of Johannesburg and the Agricultural Research Council. ACGT is instrumental in creating an awareness of the regional research activities and programmes. It was created to stimulate coordination of research efforts between the partner institutions and provide a platform for future collaborations.

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Research Programme Detail

Research Programme NameExpression Systems for protein/peptide production
Research Programme DescriptionBacterial expression systems for hertrologous protein/peptide production
Research Programme TechniquesGene Knockouts, vector construction, transformation for bacterial systems, PAGE, quantification, purification of heterologous gene expression, mRNA quantification of specific gene targets, mRNA hybridisation Assays
Research Programme KeywordsBacteria, Molecular biology, heterologous proteins, peptides, flagella, fusion proteins, vectors, gene expression, fermentation, biotechnology, yeast, biofuels, cellulosomes, mRNA transcription, nanotechnology
Research FieldMicrobiology and Biotechnology
Responsible PersonCrampton, Michael

Associated Scientists

Last Name First Name Title E-mail Address Department & Institution
Crampton Michael Dr Biosciences Division, CSIR