The ACGT database is a compilation of biosciences research skills, techniques and specialised equipment of scientists at the University of Witwatersrand, University of Pretoria, CSIR, University of Johannesburg and the Agricultural Research Council. ACGT is instrumental in creating an awareness of the regional research activities and programmes. It was created to stimulate coordination of research efforts between the partner institutions and provide a platform for future collaborations.

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Personal Information

First NameClement
Last NamePenny
E-Mail Address
Department / InstitutionInternal Medicine, University of the Witwatersrand
FacultyHealth Sciences
Address 1Department of Internal Medicine
Address 2Blue Block
Address 3Oncology/ Haematology Lab
Address 4Area 550
Telephone Number011 488 3820
Fax Number
Web Site
Web link to CV

Associated Equipment

Equipment Name Equipment Location Equipment Facility Department Responsible Person
RT-PCR, Applied Biosystems 7500 Joburg General, Oncology lab, Blue Block, Area 550 Oncology Division Internal Medicine Penny, Clement

Associated Research Programmes

Research Programme Name Techniques Keywords Research Field Responsible Person
Oncology/ Haematology lab Cell culture, Microarray, DNA and RNA extraction, RT-PCR, Confocal-, fluorescent microscopy, SEM, electron microscopy. Metastasis, epithelial mesenchymal transitions, angiogenesis, embryonic stem cells, embryoid bodies, gene expression, confocal microscopy, cell culture, real time PCR, chromatin immuno-precipitation (ChIP), microarray, immuno-fluorescence. Cancer Penny, Clement